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Are you looking to spend more time with your family this summer?

Let us take care of all your lawn care needs!

Weekly mowing

We offer mowing services to residential and commercial customers. Mowing begins the first week of May and goes through October 31st.

Each time we service a property:

  • We cut all turf areas to an appropriate height
  • Trim around buildings, plantings, and other obstacles including trees to ensure a well-kept appearance
  • Excessive grass clippings in the lawn area will be dispersed or removed by means of blowing and vacuuming. 

Spring clean up

    • All areas including shrub beds, building foundations, and around obstacles will be cleaned by blowing or hand raking to remove leaves and debris
    • Cleanup in lawn areas will be done by power vacuuming and power blowing. A light de-thatching will be done to help prep turf for the upcoming summer.
    • We haul away and dispose of all dead grass and leaves.


  • Go over the property with tined front rakes on the front of the mower to remove excess thatch in the lawn so water and other nutrients can reach the base of the soil.
  • All thatch and debris are hauled away and disposed of

Fall clean up

  • We go through and blow out all landscapes around the house yard to remove all leaves and debris.
  • We suck up, haul away and dispose of everything to leave your yard clean.
  • While we perform this service we give the grass the final cut of the year.

Shrub trimming

  • Pruning and shaping of shrubs up to a height of seven feet will be completed twice during the growing season as needed to remove dead branches and to maintain the intended size and shape
  • Keep your shrubs looking good with regular trimming.
  • We trim shrubs twice during non-blooming periods.

Core aeration

  • Aeration involves removing plugs in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Curb edging

  • Curb edging creates a clean, sharp, and neat appearance by removing sod overgrowth along the curb lines, driveway, and walkway.

Irrigation repairs

We can help with minor repairs to your system:

  • Repair cracked or broken lines
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Valve replacement

Irrigation blow out

We also offer sprinkler blowouts in the fall to prepare your system for the winter by blowing air through all the lines to remove water.

Pricing is based on how many zones your system has.

1-6 zones: $60

7-9 zones: $70

10-12 zones:$80

Systems with more than 12 zones are $10 extra for each additional zone.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Properly maintaining your yard is key to establish a yard that you can enjoy.

We have been serving the north metro with quality lawn care an snow removal for 10+ years.

LR Lawns has many years of experience in all phases of lawn care, landscaping and snow removal and our customer focused approach makes us the best lawn service company!

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