We offer two different types of packages to residential customers that want year-round service at an affordable price.

We offer a basic and premium package. If there is a service that is included but don’t need, we can remove it and adjust the price accordingly.

  • Package prices are for properties up to 1/4 acre
  • ​If the property exceeds 1/4 acre, adjustments to the price will have to be made. contact me for a FREE estimate!

12 Month Basic Package

Starting at $180/month: 1/4 acre

  • ​​​​Weekly mowing/trimming
  • ​Spring clean up
  • Dethatching
  • Fall clean up
  • ​Four fertilizer​ applications
  • ​Shrub trimming 
  • Curb edging​
  • ​Snow removal


Starting at $210/month​: 1/4 acre

  • Irrigation Spring start-up
  • ​​Irrigation Fall blowout
  • ​Spring cleanup
  • ​Dethatching
  • ​Fall clean up
  • Weekly mowing/Trimming
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • ​Lawn aeration
  • ​Four fertilizer​​ applications
  • ​Shrub trimming 
  • Curb edging
  • ​Snow removal

Prefer to build your own plan? No problem.

We can build a plan just for you!

  • ​We also offer a 7-month plan that starts in April and goes through November! Contact us for more information!
Spring Cleanup/De-thatching: 
  • It will be done as weather and ground conditions permit, but no later than May 10th
  • Performed by power vacuuming and power blowing. A light de-thatching will be done to  prepare turf for the upcoming summer
  • All areas including shrub beds, building foundations, and obstacles will be cleaned by power blowing or hand raking to remove leaves and debris
  • Mowing done weekly from the beginning of May through October. Weather will determine frequency as we approach the end of season. Scheduling will assure a well-kept appearance of grounds throughout the year
  • Sidewalks, driveways, patios, and steps will be blown to remove excess grass clippings following each mowing
  • Excessive grass clippings in the lawn area will be dispersed or removed by means of blowing and vacuuming
  • Trimming around house, landscape and other obstacles, with the exception of trees will be completed with each mowing to ensure a well-kept appearance
Shrub Trimming: 
  • Trim shrubs to intended shape and size during non-blooming periods
  • Performed twice. If exceeds two hours per trim customer will be billed $60/hour 
Shrub Bed Maintenance: (included in the premium package)
  • Weed control in shrub beds and rock areas will be treated or manually pulled. This will be done once per month to ensure a very neat appearance. (If landscaping areas were neglected and are overgrown with weeds prior to hiring us, you will be charged a one-time clean-up fee.
Turf fertilizer
Four Applications
  • Applications include crabgrass preventer, weed and feed, summer fertilizer, winterizer
Core Aeration: (included in premium package) ​​
  • Remove plugs in turf to de-compact soil
Curb Edging:
  • Edge driveway and curb to remove excess sod growth to keep a well kept appearance
Fall Cleanup: 
  • Completed after last mowing and before November 10th.
  • Second cleanup may be needed if requested. Weather permitting, will be completed by November 30th.
Irrigation Spring Start-Up: (included in the premium package)
  • Startup and run water through the irrigation system
Irrigation Fall Blow Out: (included in the premium package)
  • Blow out irrigation system to prevent damage caused from below-freezing temperatures

*Up to 6 zones – Additional charge for irrigation system with over 6 zones

Snow Removal:
  • Snow removed with a trigger of snowfall of 2″ or more
  • Snow removed from driveway, walkway, and steps

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Key Benefits 

  • Signing up for a 12-month package can take the daunting task of taking care of your yard and driveway throughout the winter.
  • Set monthly price so there are no surprise charges
  • The package is customizable so you can add or retract any service you don’t need and can recalculate your monthly charge

We have been supplying affordable lawn, landscape and snow removal to the north metro for 10+ years

LR Lawns has many years of experience in all phases of lawn care, landscaping and snow removal and our customer focused approach makes us the best lawn service company!